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Welcome to Melvin H Joyeria, a premier jewelry store with convenient locations in both New York and Miami. We understand that purchasing jewelry is often a significant investment, and we are committed to making this experience as seamless as possible for our valued customers. Explore our range of financing options designed to help you bring home your dream pieces with ease.

Progressive Leasing

One of the financing options we proudly offer is Progressive Leasing, a flexible solution to make your jewelry purchase more accessible. With Progressive Leasing, you can enjoy the beauty of our exquisite pieces without compromising your budget.

Acima Finance

For an alternative financing solution, consider Acima FinanceAcima Finance provides another avenue to make your jewelry purchase convenient and tailored to your financial preferences.

Visit one of our stores today to discover the perfect financing plan for your unique needs. At Melvin H Joyeria, we believe in making luxury accessible, ensuring you can cherish your special moments with the jewelry you desire.